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one of a kind fine craft sculpture collection for the 21st century
featuring the organic character and natural beauty of stone

Absolutely Unique!
One of a Kind, Natural Stone - Celebrating the Music in Nature - Original Rock Singer Sculptures

The Elements

Original Hand-Sculpted Figures — seamlessly integrated into natural stones
Self-Selected Stones — shaped by the mighty forces of fire, earth, wind & sea
Spirit of Music — expressing the dance of life
Fine Handcrafted Art — simplicity, excellence, distinction, vision

For more, see Music in Nature.

Creative Process

Artists Glenn and Sheri create each piece collaboratively from beginning to end, initially searching the wild beaches, streams, mountains, valleys and deserts for special stones to represent the different places on earth they are found.
In their studio, Glenn lightly sculpts and sands the stone's contours, just enough to bring out its colors and soften its edges, to preserve its original shape and character. Sheri sculpts the original figures in clay, molds are created and
cast, and the sculptures are seamlessly integrated by hand into every nook and cranny of the stone. In the final stages,
at least 12 combinations of colored and layered metals and patinas are applied and blended into the figures and stones
for seamless integration.


Each sculpture is hand-signed, dated, photographed, registered in a collection database, and assigned a unique inventory numbered. A product tag with care information and a Certificate of Authenticity stating that the sculpture is an original and the only one in the collection bearing its number comes with each piece.

Sculpture Media and Care

Our sculptures are handcrafted from natural stone, liquid metals, patinas and epoxy. When placed in a mild environment indoors or sheltered outside they are easy to care for and weather-resistant for decades. Exposure to extreme heat, moisture or cold for long periods may shorten the life of the piece and is not recommended. To refresh your sculpture like new, simply dust with a soft cloth.